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About Us

Igniva Consulting is an initiative run and managed by Sunil Gupta and Sunita Sachdeva. In each of the areas we operate, we seek to provide advice and recommendations that we will personally work through with our clients, and which come from our own hands-on experience in the marketing and CSR space for over 30 years.

Igniva Consulting works with the following Consulting Companies:

  • Igniva Consulting represents APRAIS Worldwide Ltd (www.aprais.com) with consultancy assistance in South West Asia and East & West Africa. APRAIS is a Corporate Consultancy headquartered in London, and is the specialist advisory that helps enhance business performance by continuously & measurably improving the relationship between marketing companies and their marketing communications partners & other business associates.
  • Igniva Consulting also represents Singapore-based Duxton Consulting Pte Ltd (www.duxtonconsulting.com) with consultancy assistance in India. Duxton creates business growth opportunities by delivering strategies and innovations driven by unique customer insights. Duxton's work is rooted in behavioural economics, because the most effective marketing solutions are always based on a deep understanding of consumer needs and decision-making. Igniva and Duxton together bring a holistic approach to brand success in competitive markets.
  • Igniva Consulting also represents Singapore-based RI Advisory Pte Ltd (www.riadvisory.com) in South Asia with consultancy and market tracking services. RI Advisory┬áhas been providing M&A and corporate growth advice to entrepreneurs and corporates in marketing, communications and technology sectors across Asia Pacific and the Middle East for over 25 years.


Sunil has over 35 years' experience in the Indian advertising industry, most of it in senior positions in JWT and BBDO, working hands-on with clients like Pepsico, Nestle, Unilever, ICI Paints, GlaxoSmithKline, ITC (Tobacco and Hotels), ICI Paints, Hero Honda, VIP, Godrej, Pfizer, Tata-AIG Insurance, Hindustan Petroleum, IndianOil, Unicef and the Ministries of Defence and Finance. Sunil also conducts Workshops across South Asia and Africa.


Sunita has over 25 years' experience in specialized strategy formulation, communication and implementation programs and projects in the main CSR sectors (Developmental/ Social/Healthcare), in India and South Asia, including Water & Sanitation, Child Survival & Safe Motherhood, Polio, Rights of the Child, CDD (Control of Diarrheal Disease) and Aids Awareness Programs.