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Effective Brand Building

Our Workshop is designed for marketing companies and their agencies/departments combined. The format is one of multi-functional teams comprising working together on their actual day-to-day brands so as to make the workshops more immediately functional.

The workshop is structured on a proprietary model that Igniva has developed called the 'Decision Funnel'– a process of distillation that helps create the most compelling brand communication and engagement strategy.

  • It helps in understanding what the term 'out-of-the-box' creativity actually is!
  • It uses real-life examples and cases including those from developing markets to illustrate points and principles.
  • It incorporates the views and thoughts of well-known Creative and Strategic Planning Directors.

Igniva Consulting believes that there are two interconnected forms of training:

That of the mind

The mental approach that anyone takes to an opportunity or problem often defines the solution and the result that will be created. After all, “thinking out of the box” is prefaced by the word “thinking”! So the attitude with which one sets out to solve problems/maximize opportunities is critical. This thus must form the first stage of any training program.

That of process

All truly great brands and brand communication are created by teams comprising inter-departmental personnel and inter-company personnel working effectively together. The delivery of a successful experience for the customer depends on many links strung together and working effectively together. For example, in the hotel business, no fancy fruit basket will compensate for room service taking too much time or the airport transfer not ready on time. And yet, the services sector provides enormous opportunities to create successful engagements and make long lasting friendships with their customers.

Igniva has been conducting successful workshops/training in Pakistan, SE Asia, Central West Africa Region and Eastern Equatorial Region, Dubai and for the Pakistan Advertisers Society and the Indian Society of Advertisers.

Effective Brand BuildingThe IGNIVA Workshop

A better trained brand team will deliver effective solutions more consistently than others.

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