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Developing Communication Partnerships

Nothing in the business world happens without effective leadership and teamwork.

Our experience has shown us time and again that the most effective brand communication and brand building is the result of motivated teams, from both the marketing client and the communication agencies, working together in the true spirit of partnership.

Though this includes the usual marketing company-department-communication agency partnership principles, it goes beyond them to look at the different sorts of partnerships we encounter in our work, such as those between different departments in an agency, between a brand and its customers, the Brand Essence and Brand Driving Idea, between different media, and importantly between leaders and their teams, and so on.

Many of the principles that that embody effective partnerships are also formalized in the Client-Agency Relationship Measurement & Management System pioneered by APRAIS Ltd (www.aprais.com). APRAIS helps to measurably improve partnership performance, and has been helping Marketing Companies and their Agencies do this for over 12 years globally. Igniva Consulting represents APRAIS in South-West Asia and North, West and East Africa.

Effective Brand BuildingThe IGNIVA Workshop

A better trained brand team will deliver effective solutions more consistently than others.

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